February 10, 2010
 I watched Vampire Knight!
 I liked it. Too busy to summarize right now, I promise I will later. Oh, and i have a bad fever T.T *irritated* Anyway, je bye bye!

Haven't been around

January 30, 2010
I am SOOOOOO sorry (to any people who might actually read this thing 0.0)!!!!! I haven't been around on a really long time!

 Yola was down for me- don't ask why.

 Anyway, yesterday morning I got called 'shawty' by a random eight grader named Tauros (yeah, that's his actual name- I know, right?) that I've barely talked to. Immediate freak out.

 And I have an ultimate OTP now. Axel x Roxas (!Akuroku!) from Kingdom Hearts. <3333333333333333333333333333333
 Ultra-super big Axel fangirl over here :) I...
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Sorry Peeps

January 17, 2010
 I haven't posted in a while.
 Gomen nasai...
 Anyway, I have my own little banner now, so if you want to see it, look up in the site banner at the top. I made it. Deal.

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Homework Methods

January 3, 2010
 I'm supposed to be doing math homework right now, so I have to be careful, because if Mom catches me she'll flip.
 This is how I do homework. I do math while I wait for a Bleach (which I recently started watching) episode to load, and then I watch the episode. Then I do more math.
 A nice method, no? If it's possible to incorporate anime into studying, I do it XD

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New Year!

January 1, 2010
 It's exactly 12:01 am here, and I have a wine glass of sparkling cider (I'm not that much of a delinquent) next to me. I counted down the top 93 songs of the decade with my favorite radio station, beat my mom in my first ever game of backgammon, and whooped my parent's butts in a card game called Hand and Foot, which is much like gin rummy.

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Mamotte! Lollipop

January 1, 2010
 I watched/read this anime/manga last night and loved it to death, it's so cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mamotte Lollipop is a shoujo manga about a 7th grade girl named Yamada Nina-chan.
 She's very normal and ordinary, until a magical thing called the Crystal Pearl drops onto her cake while she's eating. She thinks it's a candy and swallows it.
 Turns out, the Crystal Pearl is the object of an exam for wizards to become professional wizards. They have to keep it for six months.
 Nina-chan, having...
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MLIA Rulz The World

December 31, 2009
"Today, in my co-ed gym class we played touch football. The 6 foot cocky guy who's on the football team made a comment about how girls can't play football. The next play he was full out tackled by the quietest girl in our class. Everyone including our teacher started clapping and I now think I'm in love. MLIA"
This rocks. Feminism for the win! XD
 You go girl, that reminds me of me.

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December 28, 2009
Me and two of my buddies are staying up really late in order to watch the entire Fruits Basket anime, so I don't have time to type too much. This is one of theirs' first time watching it, so....
je bye bye!

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2009
Merry Christmas People!!!
Heehee, hope you get what you want!
Very short post, I know, but hey, that's really all I have to say.
Over and out!

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Early Christmas and Hana Kimi

December 23, 2009
I got a new, wireless, mouse for my laptop. It was a Christmas present, an early one.
 You see, my grandmother (Omi) is here right now, and she's leaving tomorrow. Therefore, we only opened the presents that were from her only.
 And I gave her a card with two Honda Tohrus on it XD

Also, I've started reading a wonderful manga called Hana Kimi, about a Japanese-American girl named Ashiya Mizuki. In order to become closer to her high-jumping idol, Sano Izumi, she transfers to the school in Japan th...
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Fallen Angel's Info

Angel (XD) Here's some general facts: Age: 12 Height: 5'3 I'm a random, rather crazy, sometimes immature, but at the same time so mature no-one knows what I'm talking about. :) Yes, I'm a blonde, my picture is an anime version of me, pretty much. I do have blue eyes as well. But I'm not a DUMB blonde, if you get the idea. *glares* I hate stereotypes.


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