This is where I'll list my favorite things, and give you links to my favorite fanfictions.

I'll get the fanfic links up eventually, I swear! XD **bows down** Forgive me!

 My Pokemon fandom! Not my first anime (manga), but when I first started getting into fandoms and shippings and stuff. So  I'll do this one first as a tribute.

 Shippings of mine

May/Haruka Shippings

ContestShipping May/Drew (my OTP and first shipping XD)

HoennChampionShipping May/Steven Stone (I love older/younger ships)

Dawn/Hikari Shippings

IkariShipping Dawn/Paul (I love this ship. Opposites attract, ya know?)

IronWillShipping Dawn/Riley (that older/younger thing again)

BeaconShipping Dawn/Volkner (^^^ see IronWill)

CavalierShipping Dawn/Gary (I LOOOOOOVE Gary. And the poetry thing is kawaii!)

ShineVatonageShipping Dawn/Pkmn Ranger Kellyn (he's like a big brother :D)

TwinleafShipping Dawn/Barry (Barry is so awesomely random)

BelleShipping Dawn/Drew (omygosh, green and blue are so cute together, I don't care if it's a nevermet)

Game Shippings

HoennShipping May/Brendan (I've only recently started to like this ship)

OldRivalShipping Leaf/Gary (I only like this gamebased, because Leaf seems to have a gentle personality as opposed to Blue)

SoulSilverShipping Soul or Kotone/Silver or Kamon (Oh god. I LOVE Silver. He rules!!!!!! And Soul kicks butt)

HeartSoulShipping Gold or Kenta/Soul or Kotone (Gold is awesome XD)

Pokemon Special Shippings

SpecialJewelShipping Crystal/Silver (I'm a huge Silver fan, and I love Crystal's personality)

AmberShipping Yellow/Gold (Yellow's so kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!)

SpecialShipping Red/Yellow (Oh, man, awesome. There's just no other word for it)

FranticShipping Ruby/Sapphire (the manga equivalent of HoennShipping)

MangaHoennChampionShipping Sapphire/Steven Stone (Um, not too sure about the name of this and stuff, but it's awesome anyway)

HaughtyShipping Platina or Platinum or Berlitz or Missy/Pearl (soooo cool)

Yaoi Ships

PalletShipping Ash/Gary (wow, where do I start? I love these guys to death)

EliteUnderShipping Aaron/Lucian (Oh, heck, this was an accident XD But I love them nevertheless)

Ah, Pokemon, i love you :)  (Palletshipping, cute fluffy stuff) (Poke Contest Ikari, AU fic. Focus on Ikari) (a cute little IronWill (Dawn/Riley) story, mostly just fluffy stuff)

Why does there have to be sooooo many Pokemon stories?

Ah, Shugo Chara... :)

I love you so much ^_^ 

I have three shipping loves in this fandom...

 Amuto (kicks ass *yes, i swore!* because Ikuto loves her and he's smexy :D)

 Rimahiko (Which is cute, i must admit)

 Kukamu (I rather like this one :D)

And I have found several fics :) (Kukamu, cute little oneshotty thing)

Why aren't there any good Amuto fics? *cries heart out*

Mermaid Melody. XD

One of my newest loves, an anime/manga introduced to me by my good buddy "Ranma". I adore the anime style, it's so cute that it's cuter than cute, but I really like how the mangaka (don't remember her name at the moment) draws her eyes, it's very cute as well.

This show inspired my love of surfing as well, so I credit Ranma for this. You go girl!!!

My loves:

Kaito/Lucia (Canon is cool sometimes. Especially when we're talking Kaito)


Hanon/Taro (Au, RinaMasahiro, NagisaHanon, HanonTaro (onesided), and main pairing KaitoLucia. I LOOOOOOOOVE this fic, it's soooo awesome! It is (sadly) incomplete, and hasn't been updated for several months, but... omygod I love it)

Dragon Ball Z, my first anime EVER. My brother started me on it. The artwork could be better, but it's got a nice plot and funny characters. But Dragon Ball (the first series) is rather perverted, so beware. Z is more serious.

I actually don't have any shippings for this because it's really not that easy to ship these characters.

But I rather like OC/Future Trunks Fics. :)

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. I'm a bit of a Naruto n00b, and I don't know that much about it. But this is what I like;

SasuSaku (hmhmhm...)

KakaSaku (*laughs her head off* I adore this pairing name. It's soooooo funny!!!)

Heehee :)

 Tokyo Mew Mew... :)

Ah well, I'm also a TMM noob :) And I watch subs, so...

Here's my fav

Ryou/Ichigo :) Omygod, I love these guys :) Tada!

And I hate Ichigo/Masaya :( (a little Ichigo/Ryou story, and stuff)

^What could possibly be wrong, 'Gome? Inuyasha again? XD

 Yeah, Inuyasha was my second fandom. And I loooooove Sesshy <3<3<3


SessKag (omygosh, I love uncanon pairings)

SessRin (only if she's a little older there)

RinKohaku (so cute :D)

InuKag (Canon. 'Nough said)

Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! I love Sess/Kag fics, and I've got a LOT of good ones. Oh, and I despise Kikyou with all of my heart.  Bleh. So, If you like her, just for you I'll say if there's Kikyou bashing. 'Kay? (technically this isn't even romantic. But it is Sess/Kag in a way, and it's one of the most awesome stories ever. No Kikyou bashing here, at least I don't think) (this is the sequel to the above, and yes, this is romantic (in an odd way) Sess/Kag. I loved it) (Sess/Kag oneshot, cute, no kissing or anything)

Oh, Sailor Moon, I love you so much :)

I don't have any pairings, so...

I rather like Sailor Saturn, too XD

This fandom doesn't seem to have any good fics, sadly... except this one.

 Ohohoho, Fruits Basket. I love you so :) And isn't that^ so funny? *I smell a love triangle in the air* Not quite, but that's an lol for me.

 I like Kyo/Tohru, Haru/Tohru and Hatori/Tohru, they're so cool. <3<3<3 (this cracked me up. It's very slight Kyo/Tohru)

^Tamaki XD And Mori looks dreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaamy.....

Ouran High, I <3 u

My pairings for this:




and anything that has to do with Mori that's not yaoi ;) I'm a Mori fangirl. 'Kay?

Twilight is so a fandom! XD

I happen to like Jasper/Bella. I'm a huge Jasper fan (hence the picture above me XD)

Although I don't usually do this, here's a little Jasp/Bella picture I found.

Omygosh, I know, right? That's cuuuute :) 

 Check out Golden Moon and the sequel to Dearest Jade for me, 'kay?

 That right there is obviously Kingdom Hearts. Duh.

I like Zemyx. Aside from that...

 AKUROKU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Wahaha. That's my all-time OTP, by the way. Check out For a Change By Jyo-chan, and Another Day.

 Here- I made a banner. Not so sure how it looks, but heck.

 I hate it, but hey! it's your opinion. :) 

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